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Solving Tricks

When you move your mouse cursor above the divider between two tiles, the other pairs with the same combination will be highlighted. In this case, there are two 2-2 pairs.

In this case there is only one 1-1 pair, so you are certain to pick it.

After choosing the 1-1 pair, you can continue to pick the 1-4 pair on the right. Furthermore, the 1-4 pair on the top-left corner becomes impossible, so you can pick the divider between the tiles to help you continue.

Another example. Because there are only two 3-3 pairs, the 3-tile in the middle can only go with either the one above or next to it. Therefore we can at least pick the dividers on its right and bottom sides. This might help later.

Following up the case above, there are two 4-4 pairs. Although you may quickly find that only the bottom-left one is possible, let's still assume we are not sure yet, and choose to guess the top-side pair first...

Before continuing, you can press the flag button to remember the board first.

When a conflict occurs several steps leter, you can press the recover button to go back and try another route.


How is My Rating Calculated? (for Registered Players)

We are still working on the rating system, and the calculation method may change from time to time. Right now we will only update your rating irregularly, possibly several times a day.

The rank is used to represent your skill level after compairing your rating with others', but right now it may be empty. Please keep playing and hopefully we can update it soon when we have enough data.

How do I Ask Questions or Report Issues?

We are building a forum, and will provide the link on the home page. Please wait a little.

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